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Ferrari presents the SF1000

Ferrari presents the SF1000

Present since the beginning of Formula 1, Ferrari discovered in Reggio Emilia (northern Italy) its new car, the SF1000, named after the number of Grand Prix disputed that the Italian team will reach this season.

«It is a very special year. It is 70 years of F1, in which we participated from the beginning and we will reach the figure of 1000 Grands Prix, something incredible ”, declared Mattia Binotto, the ‘main team’ of the team.

For the occasion, the ‘Scuderia’ has broken with its traditions and presented its new racing car outside its Maranello fiefdom, on the stage of the Romolo Valli theater in Reggio Emilia.

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«It is a very important place for our country. It is in this city where the tricolor flag was created, converted into that of Italy. And Ferrari is proud of Italy and of representing Italy, ”explained John Elkann, president of the Ferrari group.

Narrower than last season’s SF90, also a darker red, the SF1000 will have the mission of making the team believe in winning titles that have long eluded them, 12 years for drivers and 11 years for manufacturers. .

“We still have to make progress, especially in terms of reliability,” declared Binotto, recalling that Ferrari, like the rest of the teams, had to face “the double challenge” of preparing at the same time for the next season and the next, where a new season will come into force. regulation.

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The two Ferrari drivers, the German Sebastian Vettel and the Monegasque Charles Leclerc, were impatient to pilot their new vehicle, which will hit the track in Barcelona next week for pre-season tests.

“I like very much. It is much narrower from behind than last year and it is redder. I can’t wait to handle it, it’s even more fascinating than watching it, ”said Vettel.

“Now I know the team, the vehicle, the people,” said Leclerc, who last season had two wins and a 4th place in the championship standings.

«It is going to be a beautiful challenge. I am ready to learn from my mistakes to become an even better driver, ”he added. afp

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