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Field of dreams, MLB’s most watched regular season game in decades

Field of dreams, MLB’s most watched regular season game in decades

The special summer event that the MLB was running ended last Thursday, as a way to bring the movie Field Of Dreams into real life with the confrontation of the White Sox and Yankees, has set a precedent of historical visualizations for the League in decades .
The euphoria of the game was such that it was the main news on Thursday night in its entirety, from millions of Internet users sharing their experiences of the game minute by minute, to 8,000 spectators who gathered at the Field Of Dreams stadium (El Campo de los Dreams).
Before the call to play ball, this match had had a historic result. Signifying the first MLB game that took place in the state of Iowa, specifically in the city of Dyersville. Later, television also worked its magic, setting a historic viewing precedent on major league regular-season broadcasts.
According to data from the press department of the multinational television, Fox, the MLB Field Of Dreams game has been the most watched in the last 16 years in the regular season for the League, being televised by 5.903,000 million viewers on TV channels. Fox and Fox Sports.
In addition, this marks the most watched regular season game in the history of MLB broadcasts from Fox televisions. Game that marked an imminent presence in the cities of Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Harford and Kansas City with the highest amount of tele-audience.
The Field Of Dreams game was born with the mission of recreating in a meeting between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox the scenes from the film of the same name that was released in 1989, having the acclaimed actor Kevin Costner as the main figure.
In this unusual meeting, held last Thursday, after a homerun by Tim Anderson in the ninth inning, the White Sox were winners with a score of 9-8 over the White Sox. (Fielding)

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