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Fielding dreams big, thinks he can beat Canelo

Fielding dreams big, thinks he can beat Canelo

Rocky Fielding dreams big and is convinced that he can give the big bell by defeating Canelo Álvarez and achieving stardom in boxing.

“I know who I will have in front of me, a tough, elite fighter, who has had fights that you have to pay to see and fill arenas,” said the Briton, who is given little chance of winning when he exposes his super middleweight belt to Canelo of the AMB. “He is the face of boxing, a superstar. (But) I am the world champion and I want to get to the level he is at. I trust that I can win ”.

Fielding and Canelo will meet on December 15 at Madison Square Garden. For both it will be the first time they fight in that temple.

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Fielding took a tour of the stadium a few years ago and attended a basketball game in the evening. He says he dreamed of ever fighting in what he considers to be the mecca of boxing.

“I was coming off my first defeat and I was half depressed,” says the Brit, alluding to the only setback in his career, against Callum Smith, three years ago. “The history of this place blew me away. As a boxer, it impresses you. And I told myself that sometime I would fight here. “

“Three years later, I am fighting the most important boxer in the world. The fight in the background. By my title. Dreams come true, “he said.

Fielding won the other 27 fights he did. However, the general impression is that Canelo is on another level. The Mexican comes from drawing one fight and winning another against Gennady Golovkin in the middleweight division and everyone expects a third fight between the two.

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The Mexican, however, decided to seek a new title in a third division to join the list of Mexican boxers with scepters in three different categories. To fight for the super middleweight title, he will have to gain a lot of weight and the big question, by his own admission, is how his physique will respond when facing a heavier and much taller opponent.

Fielding, in any case, never faced someone of Canelo’s level. He was crowned world champion when he defeated Tyron Zeuge in July, in his first match outside of Great Britain. A fight in Offenberg, Germany, is not the same as getting in the ring at Madison, against which he could be the best fighter in the world, used to big evenings.

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The Briton takes a positive attitude.

“I am going to enjoy every moment. At the end of the day, on December 15, Canelo and I will be in the ring, the rest does not count, “he said. “For this I have been fighting and training since I was nine years old.”

“If I beat Canelo at Madison, I won’t sleep that night and I’ll be a superstar the next day. There will be a new face in boxing and it will be mine. ” AP

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