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FIFA, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF recover 200 million

FIFA, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF recover 200 million

The Justice Department of the United States declared that FIFA and other soccer organizations were victims of corrupt ex-leaders and indicated Tuesday that those governing bodies will receive more than 200 million dollars in cash, seized in a wide investigation.

A first amount of 32.2 million dollars will be allocated to the so-called “World Soccer Forgiveness Fund”, supervised by the FIFA Foundation, federal prosecutors reported.

“This announcement is the beginning of the process to return the fund to the victims of the bribery scandal, and this marks the Department’s continued commitment to ensure justice for the victims of this scheme,” the agency said in a statement.

FIFA’s charities support projects in schools, help the sport to recover after natural disasters and promote women’s and girls’ football. In addition to supporting the FIFA legends program, which uses former players as ambassadors.

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the judicial authorities of the United States for the work they have carried out on these matters, for their speed and efficiency in reaching a conclusion and for their overall confidence,” said the FIFA President. , Gianni Infantino, in a statement from the organization that governs world football.

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“The truth is that, thanks to his intervention in 2015, we have radically changed FIFA from the toxic organization of those days to transforming it into a highly esteemed and trustworthy global governing body,” he added. “Today we know that this money is in good hands at the FIFA Foundation and that it will be used for the purposes for which it is intended.”

The money seized or returned – in a case revealed in 2015 that resulted in more than 50 individuals or corporate entities being indicted – will now remain under the control of FIFA in Zurich, although it practically never belonged to the football body.

Typically, the money was linked to kickbacks for broadcasting and sponsorship deals for continental competitions on the American continent, as well as national deals for World Cup qualifying matches.

Jose Hawilla, a late Brazilian “marketing” executive, had to give up more than $ 150 million. His group of agencies had close relationships with CONMEBOL and CONCACAF.

In a separate statement, Paraguay-based CONMEBOL reported that it was entitled to $ 71 million of the money. In another, CONCACAF, which has its headquarters in Miami, put its cut at $ 70 million.

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Each of these organizations lost several leaders, who resigned amid the scandal.

“In the last CONMEBOL Congress, President Alejandro Domínguez requested and obtained a ratification of the mandate to promote all the necessary actions to recover the resources that were taken from the institution,” CONMEBOL said in its statement.

“It is one of the pillars of the management of the NUEVA CONMEBOL, committed to transparency, justice and a definitive break with the past of corruption and dark management.”

The payments to the two confederations would leave some 60 million dollars for FIFA, although it will control the distribution of all the money, which according to Infantino, will be subject to strict surveillance, auditing and verification of compliance with regulations.

It is unknown how much money in total has been recovered, although the Department of Justice indicated that “much more” of the 32.2 million dollars initially awarded “has been seized” or constitutes money that “has been waived or is expected to be resign in the United States and the Eastern District of New York ”.

The referral agreement comes more than five years after FIFA claimed tens of millions of dollars for the money withheld by prosecutors who obtained dozens of guilty pleas from soccer and business executives. marketing, mainly in America.

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Some are still awaiting sentencing in federal court in Brooklyn, years after they acknowledged financial misconduct, including conspiracy and conspiracy. Some accused leaders have avoided extradition, remaining in Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago.

In one of the most notorious cases, the former president of CONMEBOL Juan Ángel Napout, and José María Marín, a Brazilian who chaired the organizing committee for the 2014 World Cup, were found guilty in Brooklyn in 2017.

The current investigation was revealed in May 2015 and shook the soccer world as its leaders met in Zurich, two days before re-electing Joseph Blatter as FIFA president.

The following week, Blatter announced his plans to resign, in the aftermath of the case that led to the departure of an entire generation of soccer leaders in America, many of whom also held prominent positions in FIFA.

Blatter was never directly implicated by US federal prosecutors. But since September 2015 he has been the subject of criminal proceedings in Switzerland, where the national prosecutor’s office still conducts some separate investigations into cases of alleged corruption.. (AP)

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