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FIFA reduces sanction to the Mexican Federation for homophobic shouting

FIFA reduces sanction to the Mexican Federation for homophobic shouting

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) reported that FIFA reduced the sanction for the homophobic shouting, from two games behind closed doors to one, for the “efforts made to eradicate discrimination.”

“The FIFA Appeals Committee has resolved that the sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Committee consisting of two games behind closed doors, be reduced to a single game. The sanction will be fulfilled in the next official match that any category of men’s eleven soccer plays at home, ”the Federation explained in a statement.

The FMF added that the game in which the sanction will be paid will be on September 2, when the senior team debuts in the qualifying rounds of the Qatar 2022 World Cup against Jamaica at the Azteca stadium.

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Last June, FIFA notified the FMF that it would suffer a two-game suspension behind closed doors because at the Concacaf Pre-Olympic tournament, held in March in Guadalajara, Mexican fans expressed the homophobic cry in the matches against the Dominican Republic and the United States.

In addition, FIFA imposed a fine of $ 65,000 and told the FMF that the behavior of its supporters in the friendly match against Iceland, which was played on May 29 in Arlington, Texas, was under investigation.

However, the body that governs world football did not specify at that time which Mexican team should pay the punishment and even versions of the local press suggested that the FMF thought about paying for some of the punishment matches with the women’s team.

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Since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA has aimed to eradicate the homophobic cry with fines to the FMF and threats that this discriminatory manifestation could leave them out of international competitions such as a World Cup.

To try to end the cry, the FMF has campaigned, has partnered with the National Council to Prevent Discrimination and has received the support of the Mexican Soccer League, which this season changed the name of its two tournaments to «Grita Mexico »in which anti-discrimination messages will be sent.

These actions were assessed by FIFA to reduce the punishment for the FMF from two games without fans to one. EFE (HN)

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