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Fights Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. McGregor, is seen as “mockery”, “degenerative” and “bullshit”

Fights Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. McGregor, is seen as “mockery”, “degenerative” and “bullshit”
The fight between the fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the mixed martial arts fighter Connor McGregor was described today as “mockery”, “show to win ticket”, “stupid” and even “degenerative for him. boxing»By authorities of this sport in the region, as well as Panamanian trainers and boxers.
What kind of fight will it be? Do youBoxing or is everything worth? Or is it a drunken fight? “, The vice president of the World Council of Boxing (CMB), the Panamanian Alberto Guerra.
It’s a joke, in all respects, and it doesn’t do any good to the boxing. For that kind of bullshit (nonsense) only the gringos pay, “he added.
The President of the World Association of Boxing (AMB), Gilberto De Jesús Mendoza, said in a statement that this body “will not be involved in the event.”
“We respect both athletes and it seems to me that Mayweather proved to be the best, like McGregor, he has done it in the UFC, but a contest between the two should not go beyond an exhibition,” he added.
The fourth vice president of the World Organization for Boxing (WBO), Rolando Marcos Hermoso told Efe that the confrontation between the champions of different disciplines is “degenerative for him boxing“And” a skirmish for someone to earn money. “
The director of the OMB clarified “that he does not dare to see who will endorse the fight, that it hurts the boxing«.
Celso Chávez, a Panamanian trainer for 32 years and a former professional boxer (1980-85), pointed out that it does not “attract his attention” and that “it is a ‘show’ mounted just to win a ticket (money)”.
While Luis ‘el Nica’ Concepción, former champion of the fly world and super fly of the WBA, who is concentrated for his fight on July 5 against Luis de la Rosa, dared to say that “they will only benefit themselves” and ” they will earn their easy money ».
The fight between Mayweather Jr. and McGregor will take place August 26 in Las Vegas, and it is presumed that it will move around 500 million dollars. EFE
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