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FIT removes live markers to fight corruption

FIT removes live markers to fight corruption

The International Tennis Federation (FIT) and the Tennis Integrity Oversight Council (TIU) have agreed on new measures to fight corruption, including the removal of live scores at ITF $ 15,000 endowment tournaments.

“The removal of live data was a key recommendation of the Final Report of the Independent Review Panel,” notes the FIT in a note.

“Most importantly, the ITF will deliver new and better anti-corruption protocols throughout the tour, allowing for the phasing out of live results data on all $ 15,000 events,” he adds.

According to the FIT, the measure will affect “more than 1,000 events that are held in more than 500 locations in 80 countries during the year.”

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In addition, the FIT will invest eight million dollars for accreditation and access control systems for events, video recording to prevent unofficial data collection, appointment of integrity protection personnel ‘on-site’, improvement of channels for players and officials to communicate their integrity concerns.

The FIT also announces that it will create more $ 25,000 events “to provide a balanced schedule and discourage unofficial data collection on events for which live scoreboard data has been suspended.” EFE.

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