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For expensive, combat between Gonzales and Munguía is in danger

Recently, the news of a possible fight between the catracho boxers Jorge «Chele» Munguía and Miguel «Muñeco» Gonzales emerged.
The fight would be 8 rounds, at a contract weight of 135 pounds. However, the last thing that was known was that it is difficult to do so, since the worst impediment is the budget issue.
And it is that both fighters were listed with high economic markets and that they are out of the reach of national promoters.
When consulting the president of the Honduran Boxing Federation (Fehdebox), Godofredo Fajardo, said that the fighters are excellent, of a high level and deserve to win worthy financial bags, since it is a tough and difficult sport.
However, he added, “we must also agree with the promoters who are ultimately those who invest in a sporting event, and who do not have the ability to spend large sums of money.”
According to Fajardo, both Gonzales and Munguía demand a bag of 25 thousand lempiras for each one, “the problem is that sport does not have enough budget to organize an event where athletes can better their levels of competition and represent the country with dignity at the international level. .
For Fajardo, the only way out for this fight to take place, if they really want to do it, is for “Muñeco” Gonzales, who no one disputes that he is an idol of national boxing, agrees to win moderate economic bags available to the market. Honduran boxing and the budget of the promoters themselves, something that Jorge «Chele» Munguía understands well and that is why he is willing to accept a reasonable bag, otherwise, both will have to fight in other places at the international level in which the promoters they are more robust and can afford bags of up to $ 5,000.

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