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For Horner Red Bull does not occupy a new technical director

Christian Horner has expressed the Red Bull team’s desire to keep its technical structure as is. Adrian Newey and the Milton Keynes team reached a long-term agreement whereby he remains on the team but his duties are reduced. Horner affirms that there is no need to look for a complementary person to Adrian Newey.
Adrian Newey agreed to stay at Red Bull, but the conditions of the game have changed. Although he will continue to be involved in technical decision-making, his involvement will be reduced, that is the agreement. You might think that under these new conditions Red Bull will need a new manager, but Horner says there is no need.
“We are not looking for a technical director, we do not need one,” Christian Horner told Autosport emphatically. “Adrian will remain very involved in helping set the course. This is an opportunity for the people who work under Adrian to step up and take more responsibility, “he explains.
“With Rob Marshall (lead designer), Dan Fallows (head of aerodynamics) and Paul Monaghan (lead engineer), we have a very strong technical team.”
Horner makes it clear that this change of era has not caught them by surprise, and that Newey always made it clear that at some point he was going to need a break: “Adrian has never kept it secret that at some point he was going to withdraw the ranks a bit” says Horner. “You have already reached that point and our structure has accommodated to that, while maintaining the benefit of your collaboration. It is the best situation for all.
“We have a great situation in which Adrian does not disappear completely and a part of his time will be dedicated to Formula 1. It is also a great opportunity for Adrian’s team to show its full potential,” he concluded. (Courtesy AS, Spain).

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