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For Mexico’s captain in the Davis Cup, height will be key against Finland

For Mexico’s captain in the Davis Cup, height will be key against Finland

Luis Díaz Barragán, captain of the Mexican team that will play the Davis Cup series against Finland on March 6 and 7 for the move to World Group I, said this Thursday that they chose Metepec, a municipality of the State of Mexico, to take advantage of the high altitude over the sea.

“Mexican players have known height from a young age. All the infantile and youthful tournaments lived them in the height. As Mexicans, you know how to solve this situation, the Finns do not, ”said Barragán.

The municipality of central Mexico is located above 2,000 meters above sea level.

“Playing in Metepec, on clay and with a box ball are the advantages that we can take advantage of,” explained Barragán.

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The Mexican team is not yet defined, but among the options to integrate it are Santiago González, Miguel Ángel Reyes-Varela, Hans Hach and Lucas Gómez, among others.

Mexico won a place in the World Group I playoff after beating Paraguay 4-1 in Group II of America in a series that was played last September in the South American country.

Antonio Flores, president of the Mexican Tennis Federation, said that the designation of Metepec as the headquarters came after an analysis between managers and players.

“Derived from the analysis and the proposals of the players, it was concluded that the best venue would be Metepec,” said Flores.

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The best performance for a Mexican team in this tournament was in 1962 when they reached the final against Australia, a series they lost 5-0.

Mexico is located in position 43 of the ranking of the Davis Cup, while the Finns, in 41.

Finland will enter this duel after losing 2-3 at home to Austria in the first round of Group I in Europe. The antecedent of both combined was in 1958 when Mexico won 5-0. EFE

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