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Former Benfica president leaves house arrest with bail of 3 million

Former Benfica president leaves house arrest with bail of 3 million

The former president of Benfica Luís Filipe Vieira, who was in house arrest on suspicion of tax crimes and money laundering, was released today after guaranteeing the 3 million euro bail imposed by the justice.

Vieira, who resigned on July 15, was notified this Friday by the Central Court of Criminal Investigation of the cessation of the house arrest measure, after accepting the payment guarantees that he presented for the bail of 3 million euros that it had been imposed, according to local media.

The former president of Benfica presented two properties as collateral, each valued at 1,380,000 euros, and a deposit of 240,000 euros, which will be frozen while the bail is in place.

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Vieira, 72, can now leave home and move around Portugal, but is prohibited from going abroad or contacting the others involved in the process, with the exception of her son.

The historic incarnate leader, who has presided over the club since 2003, was arrested on July 8 in the framework of the “Red Card” operation, an investigation for alleged tax crimes and money laundering in businesses worth 100 million euros.

Some of them directly affect the Portuguese club and its shareholders.

Along with Vieira, her son, a businessman who is a shareholder of the club, and a soccer agent were arrested.

The presidency of Benfica was assumed by the until now vice president, the ex-footballer Rui Costa, who plans elections before the end of this year. EFE (HN)

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