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Former Major League Baseball Juan Encarnación will serve three months in preventive detention

Former Major League Baseball Juan Encarnación will serve three months in preventive detention

The two-time World Series winner is being charged with an alleged sexual assault on a minor daughter
The judge of the Office of Permanent Attention Services of the National District in the Dominican Republic accepted the request of the Public Ministry to send former baseball player Juan Encarnación to preventive detention for 3 months, for an accusation due to an alleged sexual assault against his minor daughter.
Encarnacion, who played for 11 seasons in the Major Leagues, was ordered to comply with the measure at the Najayo-Hombres Correction and Rehabilitation Center.
The former St. Louis Cardinals player, Florida Marlins, among others, will be detained at the New City Courthouse where he has been held for almost two weeks while the case was known until the transfer protocol was completed. The mother of the minor denounced that Encarnación allegedly tried to sexually assault the girl last May, when the complaint was made.
According to a report made by the Dominican newspaper Diario Libre, the head of the prosecution, Judge Rosalba Ramos, pointed out that the authorities had requested a year of preventive detention against the former player.
The prosecution argues that, during the month of May 2021, Encarnación entered the room of the minor while she was sleeping, the accused allegedly took advantage of and committed the sexual assault for which he is accused.
The defense of Encarnación would have asked the judge of the Office of Permanent Attention of the National District who is aware of the measure of coercion, prior to this last decision, the opportunity to see the video of the interrogation that was carried out last Monday to the minor of age in Camára de Gesell (room used to conduct monitored interviews), indicating that the one most interested in the well-being of the minor is the former player, since he is his daughter.(ESPNDEPORTES)

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