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Former world boxing champion Nikolai Valuev to present children’s program

Former world boxing champion Nikolai Valuev to present children’s program

The former world boxing champion, Nikolai Valuev, known as “The Mountain Man” because of his 2.13 meters tall and about 150 kilos of weight, will present the most popular children’s program on Russian television from September.

Although the news, which aroused some controversy in Russia, already leaked to the media a month ago, the official presentation of the new co-host of the program “Good evening, kids” took place today in Moscow.

Valuev, 43, a father of three, makes no secret that his goal in the veteran show will be to try to “positively” influence the children of today to shape the adults of tomorrow.

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“On television today there is a lot of programming that can be interesting to children, but despite being attractive and colorful, it does not always contain what we want to instill in our children. They absorb everything, “he explained at a press conference.

The man who became the first Russian World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight champion will share the set with the popular puppets who have said goodnight to many generations of children in their more than half a century of history.

A pig, a bunny, a baby raven and a puppy dog, among others, are some of the characters that appear in the program, always accompanied by an adult presenter, and who from Monday to Friday tries to teach something good and useful to the little ones.

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