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Former world players unite to help victims

Former world players unite to help victims

Charity is one of the best virtues of the human being and in difficult times it should be practiced more regularly, since those who have more resources, before God are committed to helping and giving that helping hand to those who need it.

The Honduran internationals, Maynor Alexis Figueroa, Oscar Boniek García, Bryan Acosta and Carlo Costly, have analyzed the same thing, who together with their partners have come together in an effort to help their compatriots from the north of Honduras who are suffering from the ravages of the tropical storm Eta that has left several Hondurans in the street in mourning.

Through social networks they have requested help especially in Houston where three of them are, although Acosta in Dallas is also close, asking for specific donations, while in the case of Boniek García he made available two historical shirts that will be raffled, whose funds will be delivered to the victims catrachos.,


Karen Torres, the wife of the Honduran international, Carlo Costly, is very enthusiastic, since she has promoted, together with Oscar Boniek García and other internationals, aid for the victims of Storm Eta in her country, which is why she has promoted on her social networks a campaign to help their countrymen in Honduras, despite living in the United States

“A few days have passed since the impact of the hurricane, there are heartbreaking scenes of people with nothing on the edge of the streets, other desperate people looking for their relatives who have not yet appeared, boys and girls who wander the streets looking for their parents with the innocence of a child who does not know the magnitude of what has happened but in his mind and heart the images and the anxiety of what he lived will remain impregnated” he said very sadly.

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The young wife of “Cocherito” Costly has raised awareness in helping those in need today, using the sacred scriptures: “you can also see and in an overflowing way the generosity, the support, the help, the helping hand of many people who, no matter what in their houses there is not much to eat they put themselves at the service of the most needy brother like that widowed woman from Sarepta who gave what she had to the prophet, to all those anonymous heroes I want to say the same words of Jesus in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 22 ,36-39. *“Teacher, what is the greatest commandment of the Law?” He told her, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is similar to this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself, he added.

He had no qualms about commenting on many things he had seen from afar, the sincere solidarity of the Honduran: “I have heard many phrases these days and one of them is “only the people save the people” and they are absolutely right and I would add one, ” Only the true Christian who feels the pain of others gives himself out of love for them”, brothers and friends of Honduras and the world, many times we do not understand the designs of God and why he allows all this, but one thing is true, it is in these moments where God arouses and activates in each person of good will the incessant desire to serve and best of all, without expecting anything in return».

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Her husband, the former top scorer for the National Team, wanted to leave a very sincere message from a soccer idol, repaying the affection of the fans who today suffer the hardships of mother earth: “I know that our country is going through very difficult times and it is time to unite, that’s why a group of friends here in the United States come together to send help to our Honduran brothers, if you want to join the cause, remember that the more we unite, the greater the help for our compatriots, “he said.


For his part, the still national team player, Oscar Boniek García, who plays for the Houston Dynamo along with Maynor Figueroa, decided to donate two historic shirts, one from the Houston Dynamo and the one he wore in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, so that both can be raffled and the resources are sent to Honduras.

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“We have come together to support our compatriots, we know the situation that is happening in the country, the greater the need, the greater the help. No matter where we are, we are brothers and we are here to support each other, God bless Honduras,” Boniek said.

His wife, Vania Reyes, fully supports her husband on the issue of humanitarian aid that many Hondurans require and was the leading voice in that campaign: “Friends in Houston, we invite you to be a part and also join this work. We are going to be raffling these two Oscar Boniek García Ramírez jerseys, one from the Houston Dynamo Club and the other from our Honduran national team that I used in the World Cup in Brazil. All the money obtained from the purchase of your $10 ticket will be used to buy supplies and give them to people who need them so much. Boniek will be taking said money to our country. The raffle will be held on a Facebook Live from Bongos Sport & coffee. There will be 2 raffles of 100 numbers each,” he explained.

Boniek García, Mynor Figueroa, Brayan Acosta and Carlo Costly join other campaigns carried out by players and teams such as Marathón and Real España, Olimpia, Motagua, coming together to help those in need today and damaged by the ETA storm. (GG).

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