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Formula 1 celebrates 80 years of Bernie Ecclestone

Formula 1 celebrates 80 years of Bernie Ecclestone

LONDON, ( .- Thirty-two years after becoming the greatest reference in Formula 1, the Englishman continues to give a lot of war day after day in the world of four wheels.

Despite being old enough to be at home with the blanket and seeing Sálvame and Belén Esteban argue with Jorge Javier, Ecclestone seems to be more concerned with meeting his goals. Among them take this show of Formula 1 to the five continents.

Despite being highly criticized for the last Grand Prix held in Korea, due to the problems that there were to complete the circuit in the established time, Bernie has not lost his illusion and the eighty years of his identity card are no excuse to work anymore in the future circuits of Russia and India. As Bernie himself says “people retire to die.” Congratulations Ecclestone.

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