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Fourth member of “team” Cuba to pre-Olympic baseball stays in the US

Fourth member of “team” Cuba to pre-Olympic baseball stays in the US

The pitcher Andy Rodríguez, signed by the League of Japan and considered a great talent of Cuban baseball, stayed in Florida, becoming the fourth member of the “team” Cuba to leave the delegation to the Pre-Olympic of the Americas, confirmed this Monday the local federation.

Rodríguez, 22, “decided to breach his contract with the Halcones team of Softbank, of the Professional League of Japan, a country to which he had to travel today (this Monday) from the United States,” said the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB). in a statement published by JIT, the press organ of the Cuban Institute of Sports (Inder).

“His position makes him a transgressor of the commitments assumed with Halcones de Sofbank and the FCB, under which his link with the Japanese team was made official,” added the FCB.

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The pitcher, who signed with SoftBank last January, remained in Florida “waiting for the agreed date for his transfer (to Japan), but he did not show up at the airport, unlike Alfredo Despaigne, Liván Moinelo, Raidel Martínez and Yadiel Rodríguez », who also play with the endorsement of the FCB in the Japanese league.

In the pre-Olympic, which began at the end of May, the Cubans gave up in their first two outings against Venezuela and Canada by the same 6X5 score, which left Cuba for the first time, the owner of three titles under the five rings and 25 crowns. world, outside of the Olympics in their national sport.

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Rodríguez is the fourth member to leave the Cuban delegation that participated in the pre-Olympic, after the flight on Friday of Lázaro Blanco, the best pitcher in Cuban baseball, and that of player César Prieto, considered one of the greatest talents in island baseball, who He did so on May 26, before the “team” Cuba debuted in the tournament.

Last Thursday, the team’s psychologist, Jorge Sile Figueroa, also left the delegation shortly before he started his return trip to the island, a source close to the team confirmed to AFP who asked to keep confidentiality. The FCB has not confirmed it.

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In its statement, the FCB stressed that, “amid the sustained aggression against Cuban sport, the disabling of the agreement aimed at normalizing the arrival of our players to the MLB constitutes a stimulus for the orchestrators of these actions that incur in the reprehensible athlete trafficking ”. AFP (HN).

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