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Friedman: Bauer case still in the same place

Friedman: Bauer case still in the same place

Trevor Bauer has been on administrative leave since July. He was accused of domestic violence by a woman with whom he had relations on several occasions and the case has reached the courts.

What at one time appeared to be a pure red tape situation has become extremely complicated. And of course, he complicated the Los Angeles Dodgers’ plans to the point where they came short in the postseason on a starting pitcher.

Trevor was the gamble for a winning project during the offseason and came to the Dodgers following a photofinish finale between the California team and the New York Mets.

The current National League Cy Young has been placed on administrative leave in a row since the indictment and investigation appeared. But as a notable issue was the fact that within a few hours of starting the process, the team removed all the merchandise related to the player from all its official stores.

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And to add pepper to the roast, most of the clubhouse players unfollowed Trevor on their social media, suggesting that regardless of the legal outcome, Bauer’s fate is cast.

At a press conference given by Andrew Friedman, he was asked if Trevor would return with the Dodgers in 2022. “Bauer’s situation is where it was in July and August. Everything is in the hands of the MLB. Until there is a decision, we will keep our comments reserved ”.

The soap opera continues and the fate of Trevor Bauer is yet to be defined in the courts, so that later the Commissioner and his office end up putting the points on the heis. (Fielding)

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