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From 2015, resumes after ‘Safety Car’ will be from the grid

From 2015, resumes after ‘Safety Car’ will be from the grid

The World Council of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) has approved this Thursday a series of changes in the regulations of the Formula One World Championship with a view to next season, and among them it stands out that the resumption of the races after the intervention of the safety car (‘Safety car’) will be made with the cars stopped on the grid.
F1As of 2015, the resumption of the race after the intervention of the ‘Safety Car’ will be made with the cars stopped on the starting grid, unless their performance has taken place during the first two laps from the start or a ‘highlight’ ( repeat the start), or in the case of happening less than five laps from the end of the race.
The FIA ​​has also agreed that from 2015 each driver will have four engines per season. In the event that there are more than 20 grand prizes on the calendar, the number of thrusters that each entrant can use will be increased to five.
In the case of having to replace a complete engine, from next year the driver involved will be penalized with his position in the last position in the starting formation, instead of starting from the garage street (‘pit lane’) , as it happens now.
As for aerodynamic tests, the number of hours of use of the wind tunnel will increase from 80 to 65 hours per week from 2015.
Also, in the preseason there will be three training sessions of four days each, only on European soil (currently there are tests in Bahrain). From the 2016 season there will only be two four-day sessions before the championship.
The teams will also have two two-day training sessions during the season in Europe from 2015, instead of the current four. Two of those four days will have to be reserved for young drivers.
The FIA ​​has canceled the proposal to ban tire warmers from 2015.
Likewise, the regulations regarding the ‘closed park’ have been changed, which starts from the end of the third free session, instead of from the qualifying session.

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