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From such a father such a son; Guerrero shines in the All-Star Game

From such a father such a son;  Guerrero shines in the All-Star Game

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. stared for a moment at the 468-foot flight the ball took off. When he was satisfied that the home run was unavoidable, he began to jog.

He had emulated his father in the All-Star Game.

The Toronto slugger found a slider from Milwaukee’s Corbin Burnes and sent the ball across the Coor’s Field fence in the third inning.

Guerrero, a shortstop in the National League, was later named the MVP of the midseason classic.

Another Dominican Fernando Tatis, put the glove on his head and turned around to watch the trip of the ball connected by his compatriot and rival Guerrero.

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“Wow!” Exclaimed the National shortstop. “It was like a rocket to the moon. Very impressive. He has done it all year, why shouldn’t he get it here? “

Guerrero, whose namesake father homered off Brad Penny in the 2006 All-Star Game, gave the American a 2-0 lead with his club.

In the 2021 regular season, Guerrero has 28 homers.

His solo home run off Burnes was the longest in the All-Star Game since the Statcast system began tracking that measurement in 2015.

In the fifth inning, the Dominican added a run-out rollout to make it 3-0.

The American won for the eighth time in a row, this time 5-2. (AP)

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