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García de Olimpia: He is the three-time champion, but in the Olímpico we scored three goals

García de Olimpia: He is the three-time champion, but in the Olímpico we scored three goals

Marathón was reported ready to face Olimpia on Wednesday at the National Stadium, a match where he will seek to win and thus define his classification once and for all.

Martín García, coach of the greens, assured that the group is fine and that what happened on Sunday where he tied with Platense in things of the past.

“At home we had to have won a game where we were superior to the rival with precise data, it is not the easy comment, in our analysis with an international platform, Marathón shot 26 times to the frame, the result bothers me and how things are going, but we are well and confident in our work, we are the first self-critics ”, he recalled of the duel against the Buenos Aires.

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De Olimpia said that he is a tough opponent, but that they have already shown that they can beat him and that he will try on Wednesday.

“We are going to face a tough opponent, they are the three-time champion team, but at the Olympic Games we scored three goals and we were able to beat them, we respect them and we will try to make a smart match.”

Of the casualties, García confirmed that Mario Martínez, Edwin Solano and Wilmer Crisanto did not travel, in addition to Emilio Izaguirre who has recently operated.

“Mario does not travel, he had an ultrasound and has a problem with his ribs, he is a different player, who handles the ball for us still. Solani is in muscular pain, as is Wilmer Crisanto. Unfortunately we suffer from that, we recovered two and two were injured ”.

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The Uruguayan was asked how to reverse the situation or the problem of the club that has not been able to win in its last commitments and said that they are things that are working hard at the moment, he also attributed a little to the lack of effectiveness in attack.

“They are finals against Platense, it was a final if we win, we secure the league, we work a lot here, I’m cold for that, I would be very worried if we didn’t generate anything. That was the moment, it does not go through work, here the work is measured and there is a planning, the team has to be orderly, keep zero in the arc “. (HN)

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