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German justice bans publishing photos of Schumacher’s wife

German justice bans publishing photos of Schumacher’s wife

The Munich audience today prohibited the Burda publishing house, owner of several gossip magazines, from disseminating photographs of Corinna Schumacher going to the hospital where her husband, former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher, was in a coma for months.
F1The Munich justice considers that these images are private and that their dissemination violates the complainant’s right to privacy.
A spokesman for the editorial group, which includes the magazines “Bunte” and “Super Illu”, among others, announced that it will study the opinion and eventually present an appeal, since it considers its arguments have not been sufficiently taken into account.
The images in question were taken on January 3, a few days after the serious ski accident suffered by Michael Schumacher in a French winter resort when his wife was on her way to the Grenoble hospital where he was admitted into an induced coma.
The Schumachers’ lawyers have pending resolution several lawsuits of this type filed against different media in hearings in Cologne, Hamburg and Frankfurt.
The seven-time Formula One world champion suffered a skiing accident on December 29, and for months he was in an induced coma in a Grenoble hospital.
About a month ago he was transferred to a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland, near the chalet that the family has in that country, to continue his recovery.
The former German driver’s own wife thanked today, in a message included in the program of the German Grand Prix that takes place next weekend, the expressions of affection from the whole world of Formula One towards the family.
The text refers to the situation of her husband and warns that the rehabilitation process will be long.

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