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German pilot operated successfully for seven hours

German pilot operated successfully for seven hours

German driver Sophia Floersch, who suffered a violent accident during the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix on Sunday, underwent a successful seven-hour operation on her spine.

Floersch suffered a violent accident in Sunday’s Formula 3 race in Macau in which his car was violently thrown until it hit the photographers’ bunker.

This Monday Floersch underwent a seven-hour long operation on his spine.

Doctors affirm in a press release issued after the intervention that their vital signs are stable and that their members are active. He will remain in the hospital for the next two weeks, reports.

In a message from the pilot’s own official Twitter account, it is reported that there were no complications in the delicate operation. «The medical team is working slowly to avoid risks. The development of the surgery is good and without complications.

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It has also been confirmed that pilot Sho Tsuboi, also affected in the accident, was discharged from hospital on Sunday night, while injured photographer Hiroyuki Minami also left the medical facility.

Chinese photographer Chan Weng Wang, who had liver damage, will remain in hospital for another ten days. Commissioner Chan Cha suffers cuts and a broken rib, but should be discharged within the next three or four days. EFE

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