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Golden Gloves Winners in MLB 2021

Golden Gloves Winners in MLB 2021

The winners of the golden gloves by position based on the 2021 MLB season were revealed last night, where some names used to seeing them as winners, this time did not, a fact that happened in both MLB leagues.

National League
1 B-Paul Goldsmchmid, St. Louis Cardinals.
2B-Tommy Edman, St. Louis Cardinals.
H.H-Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants.
3B-Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals.
LF-Tyler O’Nelli, St. Louis Cardinals
CF-Harrison Bader-St. Louis Cardinals.
RF-Adam Duvall-Marlins-Braves
C-Jacob Stallings-Pittsburgh Pirates
P-Max Fried, Atlanta Braves.

American League:
1 B-Yuli Gurriel, Houston Astros.
2B-Marcus Semien, Toronto Blue Jays.
H.H-Carlos Correa, Houston Astros.
3B-Matt Chapman, Oakland Athletics.
LF-Andrew Benintendi, Royals of Kansas City.
CF-Michael Taylor, Kansas City Royals.
RF-Joey Gallo-New York Yankees.
C-Sean Murphy-Oakland Athletes
P-Chicago Dallas Keuchel-White Sox

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Marcus Semien is winning a gold glove for the first time in his career, that’s after having his best offensive year and just being in free agency, which puts another shine on his MLB blade and certainly elevates. its price.

And not to mention Carlos Correa, who has also obtained his first gold glove just when he is a free agent and is considered the best SS available. (Fielding)

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