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Golovkin and Jacobs will define the king of the “knockout” in duel of punchers

Golovkin and Jacobs will define the king of the “knockout” in duel of punchers
The great duel of punchers between the Kazakh Gennady Golovkin and the American Daniel Jacobs will take place in the legendary Madison Square Garden, where the winner will define the champion who wins the unified middleweight title and also with the king’s crown of the “knockout ».
The duel for the supremacy of the middleweight between two fearsome boxers who hit very hard is also guaranteed that he will be able to conclude at any time of the agreed 12-round fight.
The 34-year-old Golovkin has won 33 of his 36 fights before the limit, including the last 23 since 2008, making him the betting favorite.
The champion of the World Council of Boxing (WBC), the International Federation (IBF) and the International Organization (OIB) have beaten all their rivals on the fast track in the last nine years.
Jacobs, 30, holds the crown of the World Association of Boxing (WBA), and has his own 12 knockout streak since returning to the ring after being out of action for 19 months while battling bone cancer, hence the nickname “Miracle Man.”
If you count his two fights before that, his knockout streak is 14 since his only loss, in 2010, to Russia’s Dmitry Pirog.
The fight between Golovkin and Jacobs will be the one that the sport of boxing– The complete opposite of the mindless and embarrassing media circus that is mounting between former retired American world champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC fighter Conor McGregor of Ireland over a possible fight.
A publicity sham that both Golovkin and Jacobs believe will never materialize for the sake of the sport of sports. boxing, while they are willing by their example to demonstrate the greatness of what a true hitter match should really be.
Both are keen to make their fight the best one to come in 2017.
“He is one of my toughest opponents,” Golovkin admitted. “Is very good. He is a good fighter, with good technique. He hits well with both hands, he does everything well.
Getting it all right may not be enough for Jacobs. Golovkin is among a group of the best pound-for-pound fighters, with a punch feared by all.
“He’s number one,” Jacobs conceded. “He has the belts and the impressive record. He deserves all the respect.
But I think I am a better boxer. I think it’s time to prove it. I am faster. He is a very talented boxer, but my plan is to bring out the best in me.
Jacobs hails from New York and will have plenty of support in the stands, although Golovkin has packed Madison Square Garden in his four fights there.
“This is the best opportunity we have to show ourselves to the world,” said the Kazakh fighter. “I promise you it will be a great show.”
Jacobs pointed out that you can’t hesitate against a fighter like Golovkin. Otherwise, it is a defeat beforehand.
“When you go into the ring hesitantly, you are not going to perform at your best,” he stressed, recalling young Mike Tyson’s opponents, who seemed beaten before the bell rang. “That does not matter to me. I’ve been preparing for this moment. I’m not intimidated, that’s the least that worries me.
Saturday’s semi-star fight will be between the Nicaraguan Román “Chocolatito” González against the Thai Srisaket Sor Rungsvisai.EFE
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