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Green Sox major baseball leader

After the games of day number 13, the Green Sox ninth remains in the first position of the “Othy Galo” Championship of the Francisco Morazán Major League Baseball.

The green-legs of 2 games they have played have 11 wins and only one loss; For its part, the Orioles remain second with 9 winners and four losses.

The “pilots” of the Honduran Air Force have achieved 7 victories and 6 setbacks, Braves of 13 games have only won 3 and Olimpia in last position with just two wins and 11 losses.

In the last games, the Orioles beat the Braves 21-0 and Olimpia won 5 runs to 4 over the FAH

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In the batting leaders, Luis Matamoros of the Green Sox is the leader, followed by Kevin Reyes (Orioles), Lombardo Padilla (FAH), Walter Aguilar (Green Sox), Allan Inestroza (FAH) and Kevin Salgado (Braves).

During the competition, Nicaraguan Álvaro Ramírez of the Olimpia team has barely hit a home run. In runs scored, Kevin Reyes has 17, in RBIs Luis Matamoros with 19, in stolen bases Francisco Cardona (Orioles) with 9, in ERA Pedro Treminio of FAH, strikeouts Kevin Reyes with 46 and is also the leader in saved games.

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