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Hamilton denounces the silence of an F1 “dominated by whites” in the face of Floyd’s death

Hamilton denounces the silence of an F1 “dominated by whites” in the face of Floyd’s death

British driver Lewis Hamilton, six-time Formula 1 world champion, denounced the silence of “the great stars” of the “white-dominated” circuit, regarding the death of African-American George Floyd, which sparked a wave of demonstrations in the United States.

“Some of you are among the biggest stars and yet remain silent in the face of injustice,” wrote the Mercedes team driver on his Instagram account.

“Nobody lifts a finger in my industry which is of course a sport dominated by whites. I am one of the few people of color, I am still alone, “added the 35-year-old British pilot.

George Floyd, 46, died on May 25, when he was arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after spending at least five minutes on the ground with a policeman’s knee around his neck.

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“I thought they would see now why it happens and that they would react, but they cannot take our side. I just want them to know that I know who they are and that I see them, ”said Hamilton.

The pilot declared that he supports only peaceful demonstrations, but added that “there can be no peace until our so-called leaders initiate changes, not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and elsewhere.”

“The way minorities are treated must change,” he said.

Hamilton, who defends the protection of the environment and animal species and has been a vegetarian since 2017, frequently speaks on current affairs on his Instagram account.

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In October he spoke out against intensive agriculture and animal husbandry. AFP (HN)

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