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Hamilton finds Red Bull’s complaints “funny”

The British Lewis Hamilton, Formula One world champion, has described this Thursday at the Sepang circuit, scene of the Malaysian Grand Prix, as “quite funny” the complaints of the Red Bull team, which has asked the FIA ​​formulas to stop the current dominance of Mercedes, the same that that team exercised for four years.

‘I find it quite amusing. It is an interesting opinion that comes from people who have been very successful. That they make those comments after just one race is funny to me, “said Hamilton.

Also, Hamilton said that his team, Mercedes, “did not complain about others not once to try to even things out; they only worked piecework. «Now we are the best team; We have done an incredible job, ”added the Englishman.

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“There are more than a thousand people who work in the two factories to build the best car, and we have done it with the same rules and the same resources that the other leading teams have had. I’m very proud of it, ”he commented.

Red Bull, which dominated the World Cup with an iron fist between 2010 and 2013, with four consecutive world titles from German Sebastian Vettel, has been relieved at the top since 2014 by Mercedes. Red Bull boss Christin Horner called on the FIA ​​to match engine performance to curb the Silver Arrows’ dominance. EFE

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