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Hamilton jokes about ban on driving with jewelry

Hamilton jokes about ban on driving with jewelry

Formula 1 drivers were told again that they are not allowed to wear jewelery during races, prompting Lewis Hamilton to joke on Friday that he had piercings that he couldn’t take off.

“Wearing jewelry such as piercings or metal chains around the neck is prohibited during the competition and can be controlled before the start,” the regulations indicate.

The decision was included ahead of this week’s Australian Grand Prix, in a note published by the FIA’s new race director Niels Wittich, who has held this role at Albert Park since the sacking of Michael Masi.

But it is not a new rule, but a mere reminder after several drivers were seen wearing jewelry while inside their single-seaters.

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One of the drivers who wears these accessories is the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

“I have several pierces that few people know about, and I really can’t take them off,” joked the Briton when asked about the ban.

“But it is the usual rule, so nothing new,” he added.

The ban was introduced in 2005 as a safety measure to reduce the risk of injury to drivers when they need to get out of the car after an accident. (AFP)

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