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Hanna Gabriel defends two world boxing titles against Canadian Spence

Hanna Gabriel defends two world boxing titles against Canadian Spence

Costa Rican boxer Hanna Gabriel will face Canadian Natasha Spence in defense of her world titles in the 154-pound category of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and the World Boxing Association (WBA).
The first world boxing champion in the history of Costa Rica wants to give joy to her fans and for this reason she claims to arrive at the fight in excellent physical and technical condition after a year of preparation in the United States.
The fight will take place this Saturday at 20:00 local time (02:00 GMT on Sunday) at the BN Arena, a sports complex located in the south of San José.
Hanna Gabriel has a professional record of 16 fights won, one loss and one draw, while Canadian Spence has eight wins, two losses and a draw.
Both have similar physical conditions but the Costa Rican could take advantage of her greater reach and the power of her blows, which have served to knock down a dozen rivals during her career.
«I am very happy with my tools and the resources I have. We are more than prepared. I promise the public an excellent fight, “Gabriel told reporters.
The powerful Costa Rican boxer, 34, trained for a year in the United States to polish her technical qualities and claimed to have become a renewed boxer, with new weapons to surprise her rival.
«I feel very complete and happy with my boxing resources. If she hopes to see Hanna from a year ago she will be in for a surprise, “he said.
Canadian Natasha Spence, 31, said she respected her rival but warned that she will fight to become the world champion.
«She is the champion, the number one. I am very happy to be here. I am very strong and my speed will be complemented by my strength, it will be a great fight, very entertaining, “said Spence.
The Canadian will bet on her footwork and the speed of her attacks to try to win a victory that would catapult her career. EFE

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