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Harden breaks his silence: “I’m going to focus on the present.”

Harden breaks his silence: “I’m going to focus on the present.”

James Harden has spoken. Back in Houston and having played his first preseason minutes, La Barba has attended to the media through Zoom to review what has been his irregular wandering until he joined the team. Before the market opened, he requested the transfer to the Rockets. When it came time to quarantine in order to start training, he was seen partying in Las Vegas and Atlanta. With such a tour, there were many questions in the air; yes, Harden has limited himself to cutting answers to get out of the way.

“Right now, I’m just focused on being here. Today was a good day and yesterday I felt really good being on the track for the first time since the bubble. I’m just going to focus on the present. On a personal level, the best thing is to make sure I’m in shape. I’ve felt good. It’s exciting ”, those were his words when addressing his present and future in the NBA, but more surprising was the explanation of the parties that made him join training camp later than his teammates.

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Thus, when asked about his trips to Las Vegas and Atlanta, he said that “he was just training.” Al for what he stressed that he was doing it for “the beginning of the NBA season.” And finally, to the question of how that helped his preparation, he sentenced with a “simply through my personal trainers”.

We are not going to assess your explanations for skipping the required quarantine, but it does seem clear that your situation in Houston has not changed. He claims to be thinking only about the present, but the reality is that he has no other choice. He will start the season with the Rockets almost certainly, and from there it will be his performance that sets the market value. At the moment it is noticeable something distant, we do not know if with the passing of the weeks there will be some variation. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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