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Harry Kane agrees to renew, but asks for a clause Tottenham will not allow

Harry Kane agrees to renew, but asks for a clause Tottenham will not allow

It was one of the novels of the summer market due to its possible departure, but in the end, Harry Kane stayed in Tottenham and is already part of the consideration of Nuno Espirito Santo. Now, to confirm his commitment to the club, the forward would be willing to renew, but with one condition.
Harry Kane pointed to an exit from the Spurs for this market and everything suggested that Manchester City would make the economic effort to add it. There was talk of offers of up to 150 million euros, but none of that happened and the striker remained at his club.
At 28, Harry Kane planned to take a leap in his career to win titles, something that he has not been able to achieve in Tottenham, despite having been a Premier League scorer already three times (2015-16, 2016-17 and 2020- twenty-one). But, without offers, he stayed and now thinks about his future at the club.

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Tottenham wants to renew, but Kane puts a condition

According to information from Eurosport and the newspaper The Sun, Harry Kane is willing to remain in Tottenham, even with a contract renewal, despite the fact that their link currently extends until 2024. It is said that the forward would ask for a token of 21 million euros for his continuity, but with a condition that his club are not willing to accept.
Kane would want to renew if they include an exit clause in his new contract, something he thought he had when he wanted out last summer and was not. Given this new idea, Daniel Levy, president of the Spurs, would not be willing to agree, since he wants to retain him and put a figure for some team to take him would represent a risk. Now, a new novel begins. (Bolavip)

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