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He wanted to be “The Rock” and from so many steroids his heart exploded

Vanity and naivety led 19-year-old British boy Andrej Gajdos to his death.
Gajdos, trained every day and took anabolics to look like the wrestler and action movie star Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” or “The Rock”, without the necessary care, which caused his aorta to rupture and he died.
The young student went shopping at a store in the United Kingdom, when he left, his heart collapsed and he fell dead meters from the entrance.
people tried to revive him, but there was no case. He was then transferred to the hospital, where they did an autopsy.
Blood tests revealed that it had traces of anabolics and testosterone. Later, they discovered that there were vials of different types of steroids in his apartment.
The doctor who did the postmortem studies said he was surprised by the size of his heart. A normal one weighs between 400 and 500 grams, but that of Andrej Gajdos reached 680.
Doctors claimed that Andrej Gajdos’s muscles were abnormal in size.
“The steroids probably enlarged his heart, predisposing the body to rupture of the thoracic aorta,” explained Dr. John Oxley. (Infobae)

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