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Historic bonus Astros receive for winning World Series

Historic bonus Astros receive for winning World Series

The Houston Astros, who recently won the World Series of baseball, received the largest bonus in history of $ 438,901 for each member of the roster, Major League Baseball announced.

For their part, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lost in the classic to the Astros in seven games, will receive $ 259,722 each.

The 2017 postseason bonuses surpassed the records set by MLB in 2014, when the San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series that year, hit $ 392,006 per capita.

Last year, players for winning Chicago Cubs received checks for $ 368,871 each, while players for runner-up Cleveland Indians received $ 261,804.

Postseason bonuses received by players, coaching staff and other staff members are determined by income from ticket sales (50% from wild card games and 60% from Division Series, League Championship and World Series).

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The full player quota, divided among the 10 teams making the postseason, this year was $ 84,500,432, also a record high, topping last year’s 76,627,827.

The Astros received a total of $ 30,420,155, while the Dodgers were left with $ 20,280,103.

The other teams that went to the postseason in 2017 and received bonuses were the Cubs ($ 133,159 per person), Yankees (138,897), Diamondbacks (40,976), Red Sox (36,438), Indians (36,782), Nationals (36,868) ), Rockies (18,878) and Twins (18,990). AFP

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