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Historic triumph of Sergio «Checo» Pérez in Formula One

Historic triumph of Sergio «Checo» Pérez in Formula One

A historic triumph for Mexican motorsport was achieved by the Jalisco driver Sergio Pérez, when he finished in the position of honor of the Sakhir Grand Prix, which meant the first victory for an Aztec in 50 years in Formula One.

It took 50 years, five months and 29 days for a new Mexican to win at the top motor racing circuit, after the most recent was Pedro Rodríguez, who won at Spa on June 1, 1970.

The driver started in the fifth position of the race, but on the first lap he had a mishap with Charles Leclerc, who over-braked, forcing Pérez to enter the pits and returned to start in position 18.

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Pérez gradually recovered positions aboard his racing car and by lap 15 he was already in eleventh position, while by 21 he had already placed in 10th place and kept up the pace.

The Jalisco climbed more positions on the track and this allowed him to reach fifth position until lap 28, in which George Russell was in first position.

The Mexican remained on the lookout and took advantage of an error by the Mercedes team in the pits to place himself in the first position on lap 64, which he maintained as the competition progressed.

A few laps after finishing, George Russell had to stop in the pits due to a flat tire, while Sergio Pérez was still at the lead and after 87 laps on the track he finished in the position of honor to give Mexico a victory again on the top motor racing circuit after five decades. (GG) (ESPNDEPORTES)

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