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Honduran police recover bicycle stolen from Uruguayan traveling to Alaska

Honduran police recover bicycle stolen from Uruguayan traveling to Alaska

The bicycle stolen in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras, from the Uruguayan Tabaré Alonso, who more than two years ago undertook a trip to Alaska (USA), has been recovered, reported the same victim and the Honduran police.

“Police officers recover a bicycle that had been stolen from a foreigner in San Pedro Sula,” said the Honduran police in a message on Twitter, a fact that Alonso later confirmed.

Alonso thanked the Honduran police and the population for finding America, his bicycle, despite the fact that they did not recover his saddlebags, in which, he said, he carried “memories.”

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“The support we have received from across the continent is incredible. I am very grateful, I had already lost hope, “said Alonso, who assured that this Monday he will continue his trip.

The Uruguayan denounced the theft of his bicycle this Sunday on social networks and the Honduran press after spending the night in a hotel in San Pedro Sula.

At dawn on Sunday, Alonso said he woke up “worried, with a bad feeling” and with the idea in his mind that “he had made a mistake,” so he got up and the first thing he did was see that America was good.

But at 09:30 local time (15:30 GMT) when he got down again, when he reached the hotel parking lot to continue his journey to the north of the continent, he found “the same image as in Manaus, Brazil: the bicycle was not there.”

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Alonso indicated that when asking the parking attendant, he replied that he had seen her 30 minutes ago, but that he went out to buy a recharge for the phone and when he returned he was gone.

For Alonso, his normal bicycle, without economic value, “is special” because she was the one that brought him “to Central America.” EFE

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