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Hopkins seeks to snatch the scepter from Kovalev

The 49-year-old American boxer Bernard Hopkins will once again have the opportunity to unify the light heavyweight titles when he meets the undefeated Russian Sergey Kovalev, 18 years younger, on Saturday.
Both will expose their respective titles of the World Boxing Association (WBA), the International Federation (IBF) and the World Organization (WBO), the first two held by Hopkins.
The duel for the reunification of titles will take place at Boardwalk Hall, in Atlantic City, where Hopkins has fought 18 times and has achieved 16 wins.
“It is a very special place for me, I have always felt very comfortable, close to home, when I have boxed in Atlantic City,” said Hopkins.
‘Alien’ Hopkins has been a professional for 26 years, he made his debut at 23, in 1988, and he knows he will face a much younger and powerful opponent, but he says he prepared to overcome it.
At least in the ‘verbal’ fight, Hopkins used all his heavy battery of threats and promised to give him a real boxing lesson. ‘Krusher’ Kovalev replied that he could dedicate himself to comedy because as of Saturday he would stop being a champion.
“Sometimes when they ask me why I took this or that fight, I wonder if they have really paid attention to my career. I don’t mind pitting my intelligence against someone else’s. I’m still hungry to prove myself, ”Hopkins said.
That is why he does not care about the rival he may have and that is why he has achieved the 55-6-2 mark, with 32 wins by way of knockout.
In my 494-round career, there have never been secrets. Nor are the 24 world championship fights that I have had a fluke or a factor of luck, “stressed Hopkins.
“I am one of the cleanest athletes ever seen in any sport. Sergey (Kovalev) wants to do what everyone wants to do, face the best, and I’m not going to fall into the game of facing anyone, “said the Philadelphia fighter.
Hopkins, who has seen nine presidents of the country reach the White House in his professional career, stressed that when he is in the ring he will not only fight for victory but also to give a real boxing lesson to his rival.
“John David Jackson says that he knows everything about me, but I’m not going to fight with him, Sergey is the student,” said Hopkins, who called the ‘Krusher’ coach a bad thing, as demonstrated by the results he had achieved with those who He directed.
Kovalev, with an undefeated 25-0-1 record and 23 knockout wins, accepted that the fight against Hopkins is dangerous.
«This is a great fight for my career and my personal life. I know that he is a legend, he is a master of professional boxing, I know that this fight is dangerous for me, but it is also dangerous for him because I will be there, “said the Russian.
Kovalev is not fluent in English and does not find out everything Hopkins is saying to him, to whom, incidentally, he recommended a new career when he lost the titles.
“I only understand 10 percent of what he says, he is probably saying good things. After the fight he will be able to leave boxing and dedicate himself to theater or comedy, he is a great conversationalist “, concluded Kovalev, who despite his power with his fists and youth, is not the favorite to beat the ‘Alien’ who leads the bets.

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