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Houston celebrates Astros World Series title

Houston celebrates Astros World Series title

Downtown Houston was dyed orange and blue as thousands of people dressed in the Houston Astros colors gathered to celebrate the first World Series title in team history.

City authorities extended the parade route to accommodate the crowd, which was larger than expected.

People crowded the streets of the city and even in parking lots and buildings near the road, which will now be 20 blocks long.

Manuel Mejía and his 15-year-old son, Jonah, settled into a good position early in the morning. Both were set up with folding chairs in a corner where they could see the start and end of the parade.

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“He wanted to get a good place, this is going to be packed,” said Mejia, 43, who said he has been a fan of the Astros since his father took him to his first game when he was eight years old.

He said the World Series win is fabulous for Houston, a city that continues to rebound from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

“This is fabulous for the city,” Mejía said.

The Astros won their first World Series by defeating the Dodgers in Game 7 in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. The franchise was born in 1962 under the name Colt .45s.

The Houston school district canceled classes on Friday so that students, their parents and employees can attend the festivities.

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For his part, the team’s manager, AJ Hinch, said they have not yet decided whether they will visit the White House if they are invited by President Donald Trump. AP

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