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Hundreds of people receive Mónica Puig, Puerto Rico’s first gold medal

Hundreds of people receive Mónica Puig, Puerto Rico’s first gold medal

Hundreds of people received this Saturday at the San Juan Airport Mónica Puig, winner of the women’s tennis competition in Rio 2016, the first gold medal in the Olympic Games for Puerto Rico.

The governor of Puerto Rico himself, Alejandro García Padilla, traveled to the San Juan airport to welcome Puig, and a heroine on the Caribbean island, none of whose athletes had so far managed to get gold in the Games.

Television channels and radio stations connected live with the airport runways to follow live the historic arrival on the island of the tennis player, whose feat has exceeded all expectations, among other things because her triumph was not at all expected.

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The tennis player arrived waving from the very cabin of the plane and was received at the foot of the track by the governor and his wife, Wilma Pastrana, who effusively greeted the champion and the first woman to win a medal for Puerto Rico in an Olympic competition.

Puig told the governor, before the television cameras, that he suffered a lot of tension but that he is very happy with the feat achieved.

The Puerto Rican had previously been a champion at the XXII Central American and Caribbean Games in Veracruz 2014 and a silver medalist at the XVI Pan American Games in Guadalajara 2011.

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Puig is located in position number 34 of the World Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

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