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“I was scared when they gave the ruling,” says ‘Chocolatito’ González

“I was scared when they gave the ruling,” says ‘Chocolatito’ González
The Nicaraguan Román ‘Chocolatito’ González said today that he was “scared” when he heard the ruling that stripped him of the 115-pound title on Saturday night in New York after fighting with the Thai Srisaket Sor Rungvisai.
“I was scared when they gave the ruling,” said González on his return to Nicaragua, where he was received by hundreds of people who, encouraged by the local government, arrived at the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport to show their support.
González lost to Rungvisai the 115-pound world title from the World Council of Boxing (CMB), in a divided decision of the judges that even criticized the president of the organization, Mauricio Sulaimán.
“I know it was a difficult fight for me, as much as for him, but I never imagined that failure,” he said.
González did not want to refer to the possibility that the ruling was a “reckoning” by the WBC, due to alleged differences between the two parties, as the former Mexican world champion Julio César Chávez suggested after the fight.
‘Chocolatito’ insisted that Rungvisai inflicted more damage on him with his head butts than with his fists.
The Nicaraguan said that both his fall in the first round, as well as his two injuries, were the result of a header from the Thai.
In his career ‘Chocolatito’ has won 46 fights and lost 1.
González has been a world champion in four different categories: 105, 108, 112 and 115 pounds. EFE
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