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Ian Desmond will not play in MLB for fear of Covid 19

Ian Desmond will not play in MLB for fear of Covid 19

The coronavirus pandemic has been hitting countries throughout the world for more than a year, but with the United States it has been firmly ruthless, making that nation the main focus of the virus, which is why sports do not escape from this situation, including the MLB.

This is Ian Desmond, from Colorado Rockies, who confessed on his official Instagram account that he did not feel safe to play, which is why he prefers to be with his family during this period of time, although he emphasized that the decision is a “for now.” , while watching this pandemic issue unfold.

In itself, the last harvest was strange, the 162 games of the regular round were left behind to make way for only 60 commitments. In addition, players with masks, little public in the stands and little physical contact were the characteristics of the Big Top.

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Even so, the excitement was not lacking and we could see the Los Angeles Dodgers proclaim themselves champions, but deep down we know that it would have been better if the season had all its normal and current additives. Precisely, it seems that the situation will not change in 2021, which is why the first player in the Majors has decided not to play.

The truth is that the 2021 season has not yet officially started and the first abandonment has already arisen, which is perfectly understandable, because before being professional athletes, they are human beings, parents and spouses who place their family as their main priority. (GG) (BOLAVIP)

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