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In a cornfield and a wooden marker, the 1919 “Field of Dreams” was revived

In a cornfield and a wooden marker, the 1919 “Field of Dreams” was revived

Dreams were fulfilled for the most die-hard fans of Major League Baseball (MLB), as after a year with the project postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization made the film starring Kevin Costner come true in 1989, ” Field of Dreams ”.

Due to the name of the film in English, the MLB titled the historic game between White Sox vs Yankees as the first game “Field of Dreams”, held in a small stadium with just 8 thousand spectators, located in the eastern state of Iowa in United States and where the cultivation of corn is characterized as one of the main sources of the economy in the area.

This regular season commitment has the great characteristic of being completely set according to the original film, because in addition to being a few meters from the set where the film was filmed at the end of the 80s, it has the elements of the film: in the middle of cornfields, with 1919 uniforms and wooden hand markers.

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In a cornfield, wooden marker and clothes of yesteryear: this is how the MLB movie set in 1919 was revived (Video: Twitter / @ MLB)
The film revolves around the novel written by WP Kinsella in 1982, “Shoeless Joe”, which talks about the baseball player Joe Barefoot Jackson, who was expelled for life from the Major Leagues in the dawn of the 1920s, after collaborating in the sale of some 1919 World Series games between the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds.

During the film, the ghost of Joe Jackson asks a farmer on the brink of economic collapse to build a ballpark at the expense of his farm. Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, fulfills Barefoot Jackson’s wish so that he and his teammates can return to the sport of their dreams.

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That is where the magic of the film happens, the era of American baseball in 1919 is present and the uniforms, the cornfield and the old stadium appear, same that were present in the middle of 2021 with an adaptation to play a professional game of the MLB.

The thoughtful and nostalgic film sparked euphoria in baseball fans, as the White Sox-Yankees engagement at the “Field of Dreams” broke financial records.

With a capacity of just 8 thousand fans, a faithful replica of the film, the demand for tickets was total and prices were quoted as the most expensive in the history of the league for a regular season game. According to ESPN, the average ranged from USD 1,176.00, around MXN 22 thousand pesos.

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The stadium tried to be a replica of Comiskey Park, the former home of the Chicago White Sox, the protagonist of the film, and of Barefoot Joe Jackson himself. It cost $ 8 million to build and promises to host more than one game in the season.

In addition to using a traditional marker from the early 20th century, stadium staff and referees dressed according to the 1919 era, and the two teams had special hats and uniforms made for the historic match.

A particular case was that of the White Sox, who made an exact replica of the one that appears in the film; on the other hand, the Yankees only used a simple edition of their traditional uniform alongside their traditional caps with the enlarged logo. (Infobae)

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