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India remembers “its God” Maradona and transforms a hotel into a museum

India remembers “its God” Maradona and transforms a hotel into a museum

Since the announcement of the death of the “Pibe de Oro”, fans and journalists flock to the Blue Nile hotel in Cannanore, in southern India, to pay tribute to the late footballer, who was in the establishment in 2012.

The hotel’s owner, Ravindran Veleimbra, still remembers the day Maradona entered the building. “Our God entered. It was in front of us,” he told AFP. Since then, room 309 where he slept has become like a museum and every object the Argentine touched has been preserved as a relic.

“We have preserved the cutlery, the bathroom items and even the bouquet of flowers that we gave her. The flowers are dry but everything is framed”, explains the owner.

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Shrimp shells from a salad that Maradona ate on that occasion have also been carefully preserved, and are on display. The soccer balls and the menu you signed are also displayed.

“People ask us specifically for a stay in the Maradona room. Everything he touched is still intact and his fans want to experience it,” adds Veleimbra.

“It is a day of mourning for us. He held me in his arms when he was leaving and I can still feel it, “recalls the owner, who plans to place a statue in his memory.

Even a local musician has composed a song in tribute to the Argentine star and the theme does not stop playing on local television.

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In Kokalta, in eastern India, the followers of “Pelusa” congregate in front of an effigy of him, inaugurated by Maradona himself in 2017.

Many of them have placed flowers and messages at the foot of the bronze monument, 3.6 m high, in which the athlete lifts the 1986 World Cup. (GG) (AFP)

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