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“It is impossible to take the ball away from Spain”, acknowledges Deschamps

“It is impossible to take the ball away from Spain”, acknowledges Deschamps

«Take the ball away from them? That’s impossible, “said French coach Didier Deschamps at a press conference this Saturday, on the eve of playing against Spain in the Nations League final in Milan.

– The ball for Spain –

Deschamps: «Take the ball away from them? That’s impossible. Fighting against it is already difficult because it is his DNA, he has a superior ball possession than his opponent. It can be pushed, but how it’s done is important. When we run behind the ball the team leaves energy. Spain does not only have this quality, they also did well in their offensive pressure after losing the ball against Italy.

– ‘Favorites? If you want’ –

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Deschamps: «Favorites? If you want. We are not going to proclaim ourselves favorites or not. It is a young team (Spain) but it also has experienced players. But the players matter little, it maintains its quality. France already has an experience at the highest level, but it does not give you guarantees for tomorrow. We will have to put all the ingredients to go find this title ».

Hugo Lloris (captain of France): «The performance against Belgium has given us a lot of positive feelings, it has given us confidence after a difficult last few months. We are looking forward to playing this final, it is a special moment. Even if the competition is not the same as the European Championship or the World Cup, it is a trophy to be won. We felt it from the beginning of the week, which shows our joy after the victory (against Belgium, 3-2 with a goal in extremis). We have to win to go to the end ».

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– ‘Confidence’ after Belgium –

Deschamps: «I will not hide that the night of the victory there was joy. The next day everyone was happy, lighter, this gives confidence but we have not finished yet. The team proved their mental strength against Belgium, beyond the qualities, there is a strong mentality.

Lloris: «We had lost confidence in recent times and we were looking for a key match. I hope that now we tackle the final better, we will need confidence because it will be difficult, against a Spain that has a very different style but no less effective.

– The influence of Benzema –

Lloris: «The return of Karim (Benzema) has been an important element for the team, even if it means making some adjustments on the field. His stats speak for him. He is one of the best in the world, it is a privilege to play and train with him. It is an example of longevity (he is 33 years old) and competitiveness. AFP (HN)

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