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Italian Romano Fenati is fired by his team for his reckless action

Italian Romano Fenati is fired by his team for his reckless action

Italian Romano Fenati (Kalex), suspended for the next two Moto2 races after reckless action on Sunday during the Moto2 San Marino Grand Prix, was fired by his team, the team announced.

The images of the gesture of Fenati, 22, – applying the handbrake of Stefano Manzi’s motorcycle in the middle of the straight – went around the world on the internet and on television.

The pilot presented his apologies this Monday “to the world of sport” in a statement in which he explains that he responded “to a provocation.”

“This morning, with a clear mind, I have the impression of emerging from a nightmare,” writes Fenati. “I made a shameful gesture and did not behave like a man. A man would have finished the race (without making that gesture) and would have gone to the direction of the race so that justice was done for the preceding incident, “added the pilot.

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“I shouldn’t have responded to a provocation,” Fenati explained. «It has given a horrible image of me and my sport. I’m not like that and people who know me know it, ”said Fenati.

“I don’t know how I managed not to go to the ground,” Manzi reacted. “It is difficult to forgive such a gesture, when a pilot tries to kill a rival at 200 kilometers per hour,” he explained.

– «Unsportsmanlike and dangerous –

A few laps earlier, the two riders touched when Manzi overtook Fenati on the inside, which caused both of them to go off the track, although without going to the ground and being able to resume the race.

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Manzi was penalized for this with six positions behind on the starting grid of the next Grand Prix, in Aragon.

His contract is terminated “due to his unsportsmanlike, dangerous and harmful behavior,” explained the Marinelli Snipers Team.

“This irresponsible act endangered the life of another motorcyclist and no apology can be enough,” adds the Italian team.

The team and its sponsors also extended “their apologies to all fans of the Motorcycle World Championship.”

Fenati, who can appeal his suspension, is currently 19th in the Moto2 standings with 14 points to his credit.

The Ascoli Piceno rider had already received a disciplinary sanction in the 2016 season, when he was racing in Moto3, by the Sky Racing Team VR46, owned by Valentino Rossi. “I’m sorry because we had high hopes for Romano, but we have not been able to carry him,” explained Rossi at the time. AFP

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