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Jafet Soto in trouble when calling the Spanish manager of Alajuelense “conqueror”

Jafet Soto in trouble when calling the Spanish manager of Alajuelense “conqueror”

The National Football Union (Unafut), which organizes the Costa Rican First Division league, brought a case to the Costa Rican Federation against Herediano’s coach, Jafet Soto, who used the term “conqueror” when referring to the Alajuelense sports manager , the Spanish Agustín Lleida.

The Unafut indicated this Monday in a statement that “it reproaches and rejects, in any context, acts of xenophobia, racism, machismo, homophobia in our League” and reported that it sent the case to the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Costa Rican Football Federation “to be taken relevant measures ”.

“Unafut is aware that these acts go against the principles and values ​​that must be practiced in the First Division, in the basic forces and in society in general. The football industry must give a strong message against any type of existing discrimination and serve as an example to all its players, “the organization said.

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After qualifying for the final of the Apertura Tournament on Sunday in the semifinal series between Saprissa, Herediano’s coach, Jafet Soto, launched a series of criticisms of Alajuelense, his rival in the final, at a press conference, and when referring to the manager Sporting club for that club, Agustín Lleida, a Spanish national, called him a “conqueror.”

El Alajuelense published a statement in which: “it deplores the xenophobic allusions that have been made publicly” and affirmed that xenophobia, machismo, racism and discrimination “are repudible forms of violence.”

“By offending a person for being a foreigner, millions who are in the world are offended and produces a terrible international image for Costa Rica,” said Alajuelense.

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The club added that “offending and mocking a public figure because of his nationality is taking football to a dark level where it should never be.”

Alajuelense expressed its solidarity with Lleida and with foreigners who have been offended, and stated that it hopes that “the sports authorities will interpose their offices to eradicate similar attitudes.”

The final between Herediano and Alajuelense will begin on Wednesday at the National Stadium and will close on Sunday at the Alejandro Morera Soto stadium in the city of Alajuela.

If Herediano wins the series, he will force Alajuelense to play two more games in a “Grand Final”.

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If Alajuelense triumphs in this final, the “Grand Final” will not be necessary.

Alajuelense has the right to this “Grand Final”, if necessary, having been the general leader of the first stage of 16 days all against all. EFE (HN)

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