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Jake Arrieta Comes Home, Chicago Cubs

Jake Arrieta Comes Home, Chicago Cubs

Undoubtedly one team preparing for a rebuild at all at all levels is the Chicago Cubs, who begin to plummet with notable players preparing for free agency once the 2021 campaign is over. of the Cubs begins to be seen since the departure of Theo Epstein from the organization in November, who had spent about nine seasons with the team as the President of Operations of the MLB systems, where he had left the future of the team in the hands of. Jed Hoyer franchise.

The Cubs have been very active in the market from the recent MLB offseason, looking for future trades, although so far no deal has come up with any success, other than Yu Darvish’s trade with the Padres.

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Being clear about a possible transfer where he is linked to Kris Bryant, every time around the corner, another trade is visualized that possibly is seen as the main attraction: the search for potential prospects; Same case as with Darvish.

The Chicago Cubs organization, currently of its 26 men within the Line-Up for what would be the 2021 campaign, at the end of this then they would have an imbalance with 11 players who would go to MLB free agency, unless club management try to form some contract extension.

One of the players who is noted as easy prey is possibly Kris Bryant, who begins to do the pretense of the New York Mets, who surely have had several conversations with the Cubs management in recent days.

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Another of those who would also go to free agency would be a certain Javier Baez, although he probably would either be changed just like Bryant is presented, or he would be preparing for an extension with the Cubs, because, thinking about it, free agency I think that be far from this case.

The Cubs are possibly one of the most called-to-trade teams this summer, where possibly some of their most growing active players are changing their airs in the middle of the MLB season. (GG) (Fielding)

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