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James and Cavaliers forward will be more aggressive on offense; warriors, wait

The defeat suffered in the first game of the NBA Finals left the Cleveland Cavaliers with several questions to resolve for the second game and one of them is that they need to play better in attack and do it with their star forward LeBron James.
At least that is what the interim coach of the Cavaliers, Tyronn Lue, is very clear about when he assessed today the strategy they hope to develop tomorrow, Sunday, for the second game of the best-of-seven series.
“It is clear that we have to be more aggressive in attack and that James has to lead and direct himself so that everything is faster,” Lue explained. “I think in the first game we were not true to our best offensive style of play with James as the leader.”
Lue did not want to assess the comments that are already circulating insofar as the Cavaliers lose the potential of a winning team when the Finals arrive and, on the contrary, he defended the good work they did on the Warriors figures, although the reserves later made the difference.
“We lost a game, we have analyzed everything and in the end I am convinced that we are going to find a way to do things better in the second one,” said Lue, who is making his NBA Finals debut as a team manager.
Lue also protected his players from the criticism they have received after the loss in the first match and said that they are always ready to fight and correct mistakes.
While he disagrees with those who question the real quality of the team when they have to face rivals from the Western Conference, far superior to those who played in the Eastern Conference.
The best demonstration was that the Warriors won the first game 104-89 with the work done by the reserves because their two great stars, point guard Stephen Curry and shooting guard Klay Thompson, combined with only 20 points.
Now everyone wants to know how Cleveland will respond. his reaction after a meeting in which, even with his healthy stars, he did not show arguments to win the rematch against the Warriors.
Throughout the season, Cleveland was up in the Eastern Conference, but did not shine as the leading teams in the West, led by the Warriors who won 73 games, a new record in NBA history.
“It’s funny, because people talk about how we haven’t faced adversity, and we’ve endured it all season,” Lue said. “I think our players did a great job of coming together and understanding that we have a common goal since the beginning of the season, even though we have run into some obstacles and gone through some things.”
Lue was referring to the dismissal of coach David Blatt, the man who put his trust in Lue, who last year as a rookie in the position took them to the Finals, but then she was fired in a surprising way by the team managers who had previously also trusted in his work.
James’s own criticism of the performance of some teammates and the progressive incorporation of the injured Irving and Love were also factors of adversity in the journey that the Cavaliers had to make during the regular season.
“There are good things that come when you feel like you’re up against the wall,” Love said. “That’s when you have to fight. I think we have come out ahead in the face of adversity. On Sunday we have to react to return to Cleveland with the series tied 1-1.
The Cavaliers have withstood the pressure since James decided to rejoin their ranks nearly two years ago. They know that long-suffering fans have all their hopes of winning a title that has eluded them for 52 years and giving it to them has become their great challenge and goal.
Therefore they are aware that now there are no excuses with anything, it is the key moment and it is up to the Cavaliers themselves to show that they belong to the same elite as the defending NBA champions and that they are as competitive and winning as the best. from West.
“We’re not a team that loses its composure for nothing,” James said. “We will find in the field the way to improve.”
Meanwhile, the Warriors are also aware that they will have to get more support from their stars Curry and Thompson if they want to continue on the winning path and travel to Cleveland with a 2-0 lead).
“We knew how to win the game and that’s very important, especially because we played great team basketball, although Curry and Thompson need to have more offensive contributions,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr acknowledged. EFE

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