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Jhonny González expects a very prosperous 2015

2014 was a productive and enjoyable year for Jhonny González, who retained his World Boxing Council featherweight title twice against Guyanese Clive Atwell and Mexico’s Jorce Arce, to stay at the top of 126 lbs.

«Without a doubt it was a great year, last year we closed it that way and now it is not the exception with two fights, one with the ‘Naughty’ who raised my bonuses, made me grow as a boxer, I earned more the affection of people; Let’s hope that 2015 will be more active and with better-level rivals, “said González.

He said that his fight in October against “Naughty” gave him more credibility and won the recognition of the people, especially for how he won against the former world champion.

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“People saw my quality as a boxer and I think they recognized me more when I fought with ‘Naughty’ Arce, the way I didn’t punish him too much as many people expected, I think that made me win more fans.” Jhonny affirmed. (Courtesy of

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