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Jon Fernández dazzles and destroys Ernesto Garza

Jon Fernández dazzles and destroys Ernesto Garza

The Spanish boxer Jon Fernández scapitaldeporte.come premiered in a big way on North American television. He beat Ernesto Garza by TKO in the third round in a fight that could be complicated but he corrected in a fantastic way. The Basque continues with his unbeaten record and seeks new goals, his appearance could not have been better for television in the United States.
Jon Fernández struck first
Ernesto Garza was known to be a tough opponent. But Jon was a favorite, taller than his rival and with more punch, but he did not make it easy for him. Fernández started the first round huge, he exchanged shrapnel with Garza and there he came out winning.
The Basque boxer came out with everything
A great right hand put his opponent on shaking legs, a combination of Ernesto Garza’s face and body, hitting the Michigan’s bones on the canvas. But the Euskobox boxer went to war, he wanted to please the public and perhaps he got confused.
During the first round and despite the fall, Garza connected his left and cornering the Spanish fighter on several occasions, who seemed to have no problem with his opponent’s punch. Although you had to be careful.
Ernesto Garza was rebuilt in the second
In the second chapter, Jon suffered, Ernesto cornered him again with blows to the face, Fernández then changed shrapnel and it seemed that anyone could fall. The Basque had to keep his distance with his jab, but the desire to please and perhaps the nerves played a trick on him, having said that he was winning the fight.
The game plan was perfect
Great tips from the corner. In the third and last quarter of an eight-round fight, Jon Fernández’s corner told him not to get into that, to do his boxing and to keep Ernesto Garza at a distance, said and done.
It all ended in the third round
More than that inclusive. Jon came out differently in the third round, even knowing that there was still a fight left, he came in and out with very fast blows and moved around the ring. Garza, very tired and punished, was failing more and more. The Spanish took advantage of it to connect another devastating right, there the Basque smelled blood.
A whole future ahead
He went for his rival, there were no longer any respects, Jon Fernández was clearly looking for the KO, he cornered his rival against a corner and attacked him with virulence. The result was a TKO and victory, a great victory for Jon Fernández who made his debut on American television in a big way. Congratulations. (Courtesy

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