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Jon Fernández defeats Podolsky by technical KO and conquers WBC Silver

Jon Fernández defeats Podolsky by technical KO and conquers WBC Silver

The Biscayan Jon Fernández, current champion of Spain, has won the WBC Silver super featherweight title after defeating Russian Alexander Podolsky by technical KO in the sixth round of the evening’s long-distance match held at the La Casilla pavilion in Bilbao.

The 22-year-old Basque fighter thus maintains his undefeated condition with an immaculate record of 14 victories, the last 12 by KO, which confirm him as one of the pearls of Spanish boxing and propel him to a good position among the aspiring candidates. fight for the world belt.

‘Jonfer’ did not have it easy against the very tough pupil of Andrey Tokarev, 26, who also arrived at the appointment without knowing defeat. Podolsky held up well the first combinations of the Biscayan, who dominating the center of the ring was maturing blow by blow to his rival.

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In the third round, Fernández unloaded a couple of good series fitted by a Podolsky who not only defended himself but also had arrests and resources to throw a hand, some of them illegal, that reached the face of Tinín Rodríguez’s disciple.

In the fourth the script was kept. ‘Jonfer’ continued to punish and Podolsky held on until, at the start of the fifth ’round’, he received a devastating ‘one-two’ that sent him to the canvas.

But the Russian did not give up. He pulled bravery to look for a winning shot while Etxebarri’s, in unknown territory since no rival had held him up to five full rounds so far, continued hammering.

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In the sixth, with his face very touched, Podolsky had to be treated in the corner and the judges no longer let him out in the seventh, decreeing the victory by technical KO of Fernández.

In the evening’s semi-background fight, Russian Inna Sagaydakovskaya (6-0-0) won the WBC women’s super welterweight title by defeating by unanimous decision, after ten rounds, the former Swedish world champion Maria Lindberg (15- 3-2).

In addition, the Sevillian Carlos ‘Ratón’ Pérez and Hew Su Khan, of light weight, settled a null fight, while the Ecuadorian Carlos Ramos beat the Nicaraguan Lesther Cantillano on the points at the limit of the super bantamweight.

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Before the professional matches, a tribute was paid to Carlos San José, former president of the Biscayan Federation, in which the eight-time world champion Javier Castillejo took part. EFE

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